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Monday, August 1, 2011

Exposed to "Exposure"

Exposure: A NovelExposure: A Novel by Therese Fowler

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Here's the lowdown: I enjoyed this book, but it wasn't mind-blowing. Therese Fowler crafts a beautiful and bittersweet story of two young high-schoolers in love -- a love that will overcome anything, or so they think. Their world is shattered when Amelia's father discovers indecent photos of a young man, Amelia's secret boyfriend, on her laptop. The plot spirals out of everyone's control as Fowler delves to the depths of these characters of her imagination. The emotion and relationships are raw, real and powerful, which makes sense after discovering Fowler was inspired by a real and very personal event.

The end was ruined just a tad for me by participating in a #SITSBooks club discussion with Ms. Fowler herself before I finished the book. Resist temptation to read the epilogue or author's notes at the end of the book before you finish reading. Just trust me.

Perhaps the most brilliant part of this novel is its title and the heavy meaning it takes on as the story progresses.

P.S. Thank you to Andrea of Great Thoughts for sending me a copy of this book and leading the discussion with Therese Fowler!

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