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~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thankful Tuesday: Being girly

I'm wrapping my three thankfuls this Tuesday into one: I'm thankful that I went out shopping Sunday and indulged my girly side. I desperately needed a couple girly items, and I decided it was high time I treated myself! 

First up, Ulta -- my new favorite beauty supply store. I was on a mission to grab three things: a new bronzer, some bright coral O.P.I. polish for my spring toes and an eye-shadow brush (I'm sick of those stupid applicators that come with my shadows). I'm not posting a picture of the brushes because they are just brushes, but these other things are so fun!

Physician's Formula Sunny Buddy, $11.50
Let's talk about how cute this compact is! I heart the sunflower, and the powder actually contains sunflower extract! 

O.P.I. Hong Kong Sunrise, Do You Lilac It?, Cozu-Melted in the Sun, $8.50
So, I got my coral, which I came home and promptly painted on my toes. And, I got the lilac I've been admiring, and a neutral pink that sparkles! Ulta was running a sale: buy two O.P.I. polishes, get one free. I couldn't resist! 

I also breezed through the fragrance section to try Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker (one of you whose blog I read recommended it; I think you wore it on your wedding day). At first, I wasn't crazy about it, but it did last for the rest of the day, and it really grew on me. I think I might invest in it once I deplete my expansive fragrance collection -- I tend to collect perfume since I love it so much!

Next I walked next door (how convenient!) to DSW. I desperately needed new black pumps for work; my old ones are Naturalizers that I adore; they are so comfortable, cute and classic, but after five years, they need to be replaced. I found a stunning pair of Nine West pumps, but I need to return them for a larger size, so I'm going to post those later. 

Also on the list was potentially some cute flats and a new pair of formal silver shoes, since mine are ready for the trash. I allowed myself to shop the regular section for work-appropriate shoes, but for fun and formal shoes, I only shopped clearance, and I didn't find anything that fit well enough. So, I'm holding off; I'll rebuild the shoe wardrobe slowly. I did find these cuties though, which I wore to work today!
Chinese Laundry, $36
I have to say these shoes are super comfortable, adorable and sharp-looking... all for $36! I cannot wait for warmer weather when I can wear these with my dresses and capris! They also looked great with my jeans when I tried them on yesterday! 

I was glowing when I got home yesterday. Retail therapy mission accomplished! 


Vivian said...

Cute, cute purchases!! I love buying little beauty products like nail polish or a face mask... it cheers me up instantly! Hurray for cute shoes too!! Love your pictures. xx

Debbie said...

I love the type of warm fuzzies that only a good and productive shopping spree can give! I'm also a huge fan of the look of Chinese Laundry shoes..however I do find that the soles of some of their shoes tend to wear out fast.

D e g a i n e said...

love those OPI colors

D e g a i n e


Traveller said...

Love OPI nail-polish - I have a blue-grey one which I just adore.

Anna said...

1. adorable picks.
2. girly accessories and indulgences is one of my weaknesses!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Ohhhh, I need some new coral polish!!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

What a great day!

I love OPI polishes.

Nicole Marie said...

i am obsessed with opi. we have probably the entire collection, ok well not even close, but a lot!

bananas. said...

you can't go wrong with black flats! or DSW for that matter. i always end up walking out with 3+ shoes.

Sierra said...

I looove flats and that OPI nail polish looks amazing!

Ashley said...

I love Ulta! Seriously, I used to talk about it non-stop on my blog. Love the colors you picked out too.