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~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Confession


Ok, I admit it: I have been watching The Bachelor Pad. Every episode, all season. I've cringed at the pettiness, shook my head at the drama, laughed at the ridiculous shallowness... and enjoyed every single second.

If anything, I think this show was a valuable sociology experiment. To me, it proved that even grown adults can resort back to their high school ways when placed in extreme situations. Women still get that girlish jealousy when their relationship security is threatened, and boys will be boys -- even when they are perceived to be men.

This was a game, but what the hosts and some contestants said all along was right: This was about relationshp-building... under the guise of a game for a quarter of a million dollars. It really didn't matter if you won or lost the challenges, however, as long as you were playing fair and forming genuine relationships. In the end, that is what it came down to.

Dave Goode and Natalie Getz ended up being the final couple after winning over a majority vote among the former housemates, over Kiptyn Locke and Tenley Molzahn. I want to state for the record that Kiptyn and Tenley totally deserved to win the dancing challenge; they blew everyone else out of the water!

I don't think I was surprised at the way the housemates voted because, even though Dave was a jerk at times, he was up-front with pretty much everyone. Natalie may have been the party girl, but she formed some real friendships with a lot of people and stuck up for those she felt deserved it, like Peyton and Jesse B. Kiptyn and Tenley seemed to be two of the sweetest people in the house, but perhaps that is why people didn't trust them in the end.

The final decision came down to the final couple themselves! I was a little surprised at this final challenge, but I guess it fits into the whole relationship aspect of the show. Natalie and Dave came through on their relationship and friendship, however, and they chose to share the money, hopefully solidifying their bond. I'll confess, I wasn't sure Natalie was going to share because she did come across as being selfish, but I was glad to see that she really valued her relationship with Dave, as she said.

I am happy with the conclusion. I didn't like Natalie or Dave during a lot of the show, but they won my heart towards the end once they got serious with each other. I thought they were a great team, and I think they really respect and care for each other.

Ok, time for you to come clean... Have you been watching The Bachelor Pad? What did you think of the show? What did you think of the finale? Would you like the show to continue? I think I'd be curious about another season, personally.

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Amanda said...

I haven't been watching the Bachelor Pad but I did watch...::looks around for anyone who may hear:: Real Housewives of New Jersey all summer! Here's to our guilty pleasures, and looking forward to better TV now that its fall :)