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Monday, November 9, 2009

FMM: My fav candles

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Welcome to another Friend-Making Monday, courtesy of aefilkins. I absolutely love this week's topic... I almost got involved in a very dangerous shopping spree...

What are your favorite candles/scents?

First things first, I'm a Yankee Candle girl. Yeah, I'll burn other candles, but I rarely buy them for myself or even others as gifts. I think Yankee Candles make the best gift for the person you don't know what to get, or for any grab. I even realized that men like them (as long as they are not girly, floral scents)!

This scent has been the theme in our house since we moved in. My mom got us an entire gift set of this scent with the housewarmer jar, votive holders, votive candles and tea candles. We're still burning it!

I bought this scent for my mother last Christmas, and I love it! I want to go candle shopping so bad and buy some nice fall/winter/holiday scents! Yeah, can't though. No moola... and we still have a ton of candles to burn that we received as housewarming gifts.

I don't know how you could not like this scent! It's just so clean and fresh and neutral.

I haven't bought this scent as a candle, but I did buy it as a car freshener, and I loved it! My car smelt like a tropical beach tiki bar every time I got in! I might buy it for the house next summer.

Sorry Amber, but I love vanilla scents. They are so warm and comforting, and this one kind of smells like fresh-baked cookies. Yum!

This is probably the first Yankee Candle scent I fell for, it's so pretty. Unfortunately, there will be no burning this in the house; Jed HATES anything floral.

Some other scents I really dig...

This soy multi-purpose candle/lotion/massage oil I got from my cousin for Christmas. They are so strong (perfect for the bathroom), and they burn forever because they are soy! Never used them as massage oil, but I would rub some into my moisture-deprived hands.

I also really love the jasmine linen spray from Bath & Body Works. I love spraying it on my pillow before bed to lull me into a peaceful slumber.

Ok, back to adding candles to my Christmas list! LOL

{Candle images via www.yankeecandle.com}


KLaw said...

If its got Yankee Candle written on it, I'm a happy gal!

SG said...

Love candles, we light them almost everynight. Right now I'm digging all the pumpkin/apple/fall type of scents.

Christina said...

I am a citrus , fall, cinnamony, tea kinda gal.
Happy FMM

Allyson said...

i heart yankee!! i think it ROCKS that target is now selling them. woohooo!

jenjen said...

What great scents. I am going to have to try the Ocean Breezes one - sounds so fresh!

Happy FMM!


Jen said...

I too am a Yankee Candle girl!! Love autumn wreath and Clean cotton is one of my favorites during the Spring!

Happy FMM!!!