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~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, February 15, 2010

FMM: Valentine's Day

Happy Friend Makin' Monday! 

This week let's talk about Valentine's Day! It may have been the obvious choice for today. Right?

Hey now, wait, wait, wait. Don't click away if you're not a fan of Valentine's Day!

Here's the topic options:

1) How did you spend your Valentine's Day? What did you get? What did you do?

2) A list of your top reasons/things that would have made it even better.


I'm going to start with Saturday night, since that's when Jed and I celebrated our Valentine's Day; he had to leave Sunday afternoon to fly down to Florida for work. He got home from work Saturday evening, with this:
My very first Edible Arrangement! Yum! If you have never had one of these beauties, you are missing out. Not only are the beautiful and fun, but the fruit is some of the freshest, sweetest fruit I've ever tasted.

We didn't make advance plans for Valentine's Day, so I figured out something that afternoon. I decided we would have dinner at Olive Garden (both of us just really love that place) and then we would go see Valentine's Day, since, well, it was Valentine's Day, I wanted to see it, and it was one of the few days of the year I can get Jed to see a "chick flick."

Of course, Olive Garden was packed, so we settled at the bar for our 60-minute wait, but after about 20 minutes, a table opened up at the bar, and we snagged it. Sweet! We both tried their new pasta dish: pyramid-shaped ravolis. Jed had his with sausage in alfredo sauce, and I had mine with sauteed chicken in an alfredo sauce. It was yummy.

The movie was your typical chick flick, but I wasn't disappointed. There were some moments I smiled or laughed and some moments I felt like tearing up. It was an all-star cast -- Ashton Kutcher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, two male Grey's Anatomy doctors, Taylor Swift (who played such a ditz, but I loved it!) and the hunk who plays Jacob in New Moon just to name... almost all of them! The end was very predictable, but that's ok. It was one of those movies with six different plot lines, but they all weave together somehow.

Our actual Valentine's Day was chill. We slept in, went to Mass, then spent the afternoon in front of the TV until I had to drive Jed to the airport. After I got home, I made myself dinner (leftovers) and watched the Olympics while catching up on blogs. I went to bed pretty early for me so I could get up early this morning to go skiing.

How was your Valentine's Day?


Namine said...

Oh the edible arrangement looks good I have had one before but it was not good at all. I love Olive Garden they have such good food!!!

Happy Valentines Day and FMM!

Miki said...

Happy FMM! The fruit arrangement looks amazing! Yum! Miki

Jessica said...

I've never tried an Edible Arragement and while they're beautiful, I don't think I even like over half of the fruit used to make it! I'm glad you enjoyed yours though!

jackie said...

Happy FMM! Those fruit arrangements are good, and Olive Garden is awesome!!

Mrs. Gallery Place said...

olive garden is my FAVORITE! Sounds like you had a lovely day! :)

My v-day consisted of breakfast in bed, cleaning the house, taking a jaunt to greenwich, having hubs cook me a fab dinner of stuffed shells while I went to the gym and then watching a movie with wine and candlelight. it was nice :)

WhisperingWriter said...

Olive Garden! We love it there.

And I've always wanted to get an Edible Arrangements. Maybe one day.

My husband worked on Valentine's Day so we didn't do much.

Micaela said...

agreed about Valentines Day :) Max too me and i just loved it the same.

Olive Garden... yum!!!! the edible arrangement looks delish!!!!!

i'm so glad your valentines weekend was lovely as you, Jen ;)


bananas. said...

i saw the v-day movie too but i thought it was wack. best part though, at least the funniest part, seeing who bradley cooper's character comes home too. ha!

{lovely little things} said...

happy Valentines Day!


adore that Edible Arrangement!
Since I'm travelling, I had to spend it in the hotel alone! ;(
Hope you had a LOVEly one!

Kristin said...

Meg and I ate Mexican at a dive in Soho. I wonder if our significant others had as much fun without us? ah ha ha