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~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best09: Album of the year

Album of the year. What's rocking your world?

This is kinda tough because I haven't really been keeping up on the latest and greatest in the world of music. Phoenix? What's that? Isn't it a city in Arizona???

That being said, I'm going to break this question into two parts: 1. Album of the year released in 2009 and 2. Album that you've been digging this year.

Part 1:
via rollingstone.com

Any year that Rob Thomas or Matchbox 20 releases a new album is a good year for me as they are my all-time favorites, and I don't think anything can ever replace them. I know most left them behind in the 1990's, but they have stayed with me all through this decade, and probably will forever. The lyrics speak to me, and I groove the melodies. Plus, they are great performers. This is the first time in 10 years that Rob Thomas has come to town, and I am not going to the show.

Part 2:

via cmt.com

Ah, Kenny, you are just too dreamy. This album, Kenny's latest, was released last year, and I love it. This, along with his previous half dozen albums or so, has been rocking my world all. year. long. Culminating in seeing him LIVE for the first time in August. A latest dream come true for this girl, who heart was stolen by country four years ago. Kenny's voice, music, lyrics and attitude remind me of a lazy, carefree vacation on a Caribbean island, and there is nowhere I'd rather be when there's snow on the ground and it's 25 degrees here in New England. I'm also discovering his Christmas music, and it is just as fantastic. Christmas with palm trees and white sand. *sigh*

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