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~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, May 17, 2010

I might be falling back in love with you.

I'm talking, of course, about The Gap. I mentioned on Friday that I was going shopping with my mom at The Gap on Saturday to spruce up my spring/summer wardrobe. I might have gone a little crazy, so thank goodness everything was 50% off! I think my mother, my sister and I bought almost $900 worth of clothes! My generous mother gave me these lovely items as an early birthday present. Yay! 

So, I liked The Gap, maybe even loved it, while I worked there, between 1998 and 2004, then our love affair quickly ended when they went all trendy on me. Now, though, we might be getting back together. Their clothes fit me again, and I actually found jeans I like! Whooohooo!

Enough chit-chat, let's get to the clothes! 

Shirred floral knit tank, $24.50
I got this color and one with a coral-red background and slate blue flowers.

Floral cardigan, $49.50
Love this, and I can't wait to wear it to work with...

Lace-trimmed cami, $15
This cami that really makes the flowers in the cardigan pop. These are great, want one in every color.

Pocket pique polo, $24.50
This is one of the most comfortable polos I've ever worn, and the color was amazingly flattering. There are millions of colors, and I might have to get another one...

Rugby striped jersey polo, $24.50
This one was also super comfy, and lightweight for hot summer days on the golf course. I couldn't find the color I got online; mine looks like this, but instead of gray stripes, they are light blue.

Open cardigan, $49.50
This is the PERFECT cardigan, love the gray. There are several great colors.
(I also got the tank under the cardigan -- it has crochet lace straps and a cinched waist -- in navy.)

Medium tint wash sexy boot jeans, $59.50
I've tried this style jean twice before over the past couple years, and they never fit well. Gap finally got it right, and these fit like a dream. I might be back in Gap jeans because...

Saturated dark wash sexy boot jeans, $69.50
I also got them in this wash! LOL. The stretch in these is incredible, and they are perfect for a girls' night out with a dressy top.

I also stopped at Old Navy to return my favorite maxi dress on which one of the straps snapped. I'm severely disappointed because I loved that dress. It was perfect in every way. I picked up a couple bright-colored v-neck cotton t-shirts for summer, along with a new maxi dress.

Surplice drawstring maxi dress, $29.50
This dress is no where near as great as the one I returned, and it might go back once I try it on. We'll see. I'm going to try to hunt sale racks for the dress that got destroyed.

There are still a couple items I have on my Gap wish list.

Colored linen blend shorts, $34.50
I didn't try these on, but I have a pair like them from Old Navy and my sister got them and likes them. I have a pair of khaki shorts that are too short for an old gal like me, so I'll replace them with these.

Hip slung easy flare pants, $49.50
I am IN LOVE with these pants. The brushed cotton is super soft, and they fit perfectly. They had them in white in my size, but since I already have white pants, I'm holding out for the khaki. If I can't get those, I may just end up with another pair of white pants!

So there you have it, my big shopping spree. Every so often I treat myself to some nice things in a big shopping trip, and I guess this was it! Thanks Mom for my lovely new clothes! I can't wait to wear them. There's so much more that caught my eye, so I may be back!

{All images via gap.com}


Nicole said...

boooo none of the images showed up! But sounds like you had a lovely shopping spree with your mom! So jealous =D

Jen said...

Nicole, thanks for letting me know. I've reposted the images, so hopefully you can see them now!

Anna Katrina said...

the gap always has cute things and amazing prices but i do have a love hate relationship with them

Anna Katrina

Dorkys Ramos said...

Ooh looks like you hit the jackpot there! I always hate shopping because it's such a hassle to find stuff that fits my frame, but when I do I go overboard on it!

Sierra said...

I like the maxi dress that you picked out and I think I might be falling in love with Gap too, their fashion right now looks amazing!

Micaela said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! esp those jeans and the tie tank.

GAP, i think we need a meet-up soon ;)