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~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some house pictures

Ok, as promised, here are some pictures of our patio and projector screen projects, along with some other pictures of the house. More to come!

Jed's dad raking gravel into the patio area... note the ugly green chain-link fence...

TA-DA! Patio with fire-pit table and table Jed made (yes, made... in one day and surprised me with when I came home from work last Friday!) The table is actually two square tables with a square leaf in the middle = options! Ah yes, and no more ugly green chain-link fence! It's still there, we just hid it. And strung adorable little paper-lantern-like lights along the top.

Now entering THE MAN CAVE. Actually, I'll probably get more use out of it watching Patriots football on Sundays starting soon! This is the full length of the room with the poker table. Where I am standing, there will soon be a bar.

The big screen... roughly 8'5"x8'5"... with Bose surround sound. I know you're not jealous.

Our cute little country dining room. The dining set is from IKEA and the table seats 12 with both leaves in, if you can believe it! Can someone say Thanksgiving???

And here is the living room. There is a wood stove in the corner to the left (between couch and black chair). The Red Sox blanket signifies Morris' seat.

Pictures of my absolute favorite room are yet to come! Stay tuned!


Nicole Marie said...

such a great transformation to the backyard!! and i'm definitely jealous of that projector screen!!

Jen said...

Ah, I don't have any true "before" pictures. That square used to be filled with mud, weeds and a few stepping stones. The fence was overtaken by the bushes on the other side. Awful! But, thanks Nicole Marie!