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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally Fall Fashion

I am so excited I can barely type! Let's start at the beginning. I subscribe to a bunch of different e-mail newsletters from Real Simple (a simply awesome publication), and one of them is Daily Finds.

Well, today's Daily Finds are all about fashion that transitions into fall! (I know, I know, you all have been talking about fall fashion for weeks, but it depressed me. I wasn't ready. I needed to come to terms with fall on my own time.)

I have such a hard time with fall and spring fashion because I'm such an extremist, so all my clothes are either really warm and bulky or extremely light and airy. I tend to miss shopping those transitional seasons (which extend for months here in New England). Lately, I've been trying to buy light layering pieces and 3/4-sleeve tops and the like.

Today's Daily Finds inspired me so much, I'm posting on them! I'm taking some pictures from the actual newsletter, but I scouted out my own "fall wish list" items from Old Navy -- my new fav go-to store. Let's face it: ON is cheap, trendy, comfortable, decent quality, and coming out with some really amazing stuff!

So, here are the "must-have" fall transitional pieces, according to Real Simple, and my personal picks in each category.


J.Crew Heather Carbon Schoolboy Blazer, $188

A good blazer is just a must-have item in any wardrobe, but it is a nice option for fall, since you can layer it over your summer sleeveless tops, or a light sweater on a cooler day. It polishes up almost any outfit, especially if you can splurge on this J.Crew beauty.

Gap Corduroy Blazer

As you will see (or already know), corduroy is a huge fall staple, so any piece in cord will work. I've been craving a corduroy blazer for some time, and this one from Gap may be the lucky winner. It will pair perfectly with jeans or khakis, or throw on over your fav dress trousers for a fall work ensemble.

Marc Jacobs Wildflower Scarf on shopbop.com, $48

Animal prints, done tastefully, are always in style, and this neutral cotton scarf is living proof. Dress it up, dress it down, it just works.

Old Navy Jersey Scarf, $5.99

For an inexpensive option, head to Old Navy, where you will find a HUGE selection of scarfs in all colors and materials. I heart this jersey scarf with neutral tones. It's a bit more casual, but I bet it's super comfy!

Urban Outfitters' Ruffle Front Tunic by Kimchi Blue, $58

A lightweight, short or 3/4-sleeve blouse easily transitions from late summer to fall, and then from spring into summer again. Choose lighter, neutral, classic colors that can shift from season to season, and you have a piece worth investing in -- like this Urban tunic.

Old Navy Lace-Trim Button-Down Shirt, $24.50

Again, a visit to Old Navy will produce wonderful results as well. Loving this cute lace-trim, short-sleeve blouse that would work wonderfully as a summer work staple, but you can easily bring it into fall with a cord blazer or jean jacket layered on top.


Old Navy Shawl-Collar Cardigan, $29.50

Ok, I hated the cardigan Real Simple found: some wool-blend, designer, ugly crap (sorry to those who visit the link and like it), so I selected this friendly Old Navy cardi. For less than $30!!!! This sucker is cotton, comfy and super cute. It's the boyfriend style everyone craves, with a little shawl sophistication. It comes in white, gray and black, so you can go neutral, but I love this turquoise color to brighten up fall.


Old Navy Button-Pocket Bedford Cord, $17.99

Again, wasn't feeling Real Simple's mustard-yellow Gap crop cord that was reasonably priced, but still more than I want to pay for the contradiction that is the cropped cord. In mustard yellow. Eek. This Old Navy pair is more my style, ON SALE FOR $18!!!! The cool gray color is all the rage while keeping it neutral, and I love the tab-waist and button-pocket detailing.


Old Navy Pleated Jersey Dress, $15

I have been eyeing this for months, and now it's just $15! Jersey dresses are so versatile for travel, work, play, a night out, and they are practically maintenance-free! Layer this with cute tights, and you have a nice fall outfit.

Old Navy Corduroy Shirtdress, $29.50
I might wait until this goes on sale a bit, because $30 is more than I want to spend on an Old Navy dress. But isn't it adorable? You can roll the sleeves down for chillier days, and it's office or apple-picking appropriate. I love the color, and again, corduroy is great for fall!
Old Navy Belted Trench, $49.50
Technically not a jacket, but too good to pass up. This is an absolutely classic and wardrobe staple. I'm resisting the urge to run out and pick one up now!

Old Navy Double-Breasted Military Blazer, $39.50 (now on sale for $25!)

Do not pass Go, do not stop to collect $100, go straight to pick up this item! It serves double-duty as a blazer and a jacket. Now, if only it came in fatigue green... (I like to be authentic)

And don't forget your trusty denim jacket. I found this one at Old Navy (where else?), but I'm sure you already have one in your closet, and if you don't, you must get one! Mine is actually from the J.Crew Outlet, slightly more distressed dark denim. Love it, have had it for years. I'm actually sporting it today with a plum, 3/4-sleeve, boatneck jersey top (from Old Navy of course!) and American Eagle flare-leg jeans.
Maybe I'm getting the hang of this fall fashion thing after all....
{All ON images from the Old Navy Web site. All other images from Real Simple's Daily Finds, except Gap blazer (click on image to see source).}

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