Ever-Changing Reflection

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding... It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.
~ Kahlil Gibran

Monday, September 21, 2009

I'm grateful...

This is something that is really hard for me. I'm always chasing happiness, but I never stop to just be happy. I always had this picture of what my perfect life would be, but as I pieced the picture together, the happiness I thought it would bring me slipped through my fingers like sand held too tightly.

I am working more on stopping to enjoy happiness. To realize I've attained most of that perfect picture, and rather than creating a new one to piece together, I'm trying to stop and just be in the picture.

Very profound stuff for a Monday night.

While catching up on blogs, I read a post on Great Full Day that today is World Gratitude Day.

In the spirit of the day, I'm going to be grateful for the one thing I'm without right now, the one thing I have been taking for grated, and the last thing I wanted to let slip through my fingers like that. I am grateful for the love of my life.

He is away (again), traveling for work, and I miss him. We have been stumbling lately, mostly because of me. I haven't been grateful. I haven't been happy. I've been nit-picky about adjusting the picture so all the pieces fit together. That's not the way life and love work. It's a compromise, it's patience, it's understanding. It's not your picture, it's our picture. It's stepping back and remembering that this is the love you fought for. And you need to keep fighting.

So today, I am making a fresh resolution to be grateful for my blessings and stop the pursuit of happiness to be happy.


Nat said...

hey, wish you all the good things with your boyfriend. i hope everything is gonna be alright!

Unknown said...

Well said. You just gave me chill bumps. Much love.