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Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding... It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility.
~ Kahlil Gibran

Thursday, September 10, 2009

TMI Thursday

I FOUND HER!!! LILU, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BABE! And it is TMI Thursday; I'm so smaht!

Ok, so it's technically supposed to be TMI Tuesday, I believe, as I read on another blog that slips my mind at the moment (if the creator of TMI Tuesday is reading this, please comment and I will link to your blog!). But, I couldn't wait until Tuesday to share this, and I remembered that today is Thursday, which also begins with "T." (How brilliant am I, really??)

I was just having a conversation with my boss about her dogs, and she asked what my dog's name is. I told her that his name is Morris, and she commented on how cute of a name that is. {For some pictures of Morris, click here.}Then I proceeded to tell her that, actually, his full name is Morris Arthur D&!&#%%#, and she told me that sounds like a distinguished writer or professor name. So, now I had to explain why my dog's name is so sophisticated.

It started with my boyfriend Jed, as Morris is technically his dog. He and his then roommates lived on Morris Avenue, and they decided long before they actually got a puppy that they wanted to name it Morris -- regardless of gender or breed.

So Jed and I found the adorable Lhasa Apso that is now ours, and named him Morris on the spot (he actually does look like a Morris). The girl in the store told us that was such an old man name, and then she looked at the cute four-month-old puppy and told him that he does kinda look like an old man!

We took Morris home to let him see his new abode and meet his new roommates. While playing with him, Jed brought up that Morris D&!&#%%# needed a middle name. {Here is the TMI part -- otherwise this would be a really boring story.} You see, everyone in boyfriend's family has initials that spell something: boyfriend is JED (ha! You really thought that was his name, didn't you?!?), his mom is BAD, his dad is GOD, his last dog was MAD, and the dog before that was SAD.

Roommates and I looked at him a little funny, but we proceeded to think up names beginning with vowels that would go suitably with Morris. Roommate #1 actually came up with Arthur, and after running through the entire gamut, we decided that was it; it was perfect.

Thus, Morris Arthur D&!&#%%# was christened as the second canine MAD.


Unknown said...

I love the name Morris! So cute!

Nat said...

haha, i have a similar story, my cats name is Semenuel Thomas Buch :D in short - Sem, Semy :D

rachaelgking said...

I so thought the "D&!&#%%#" was meant to be a swear word. In which case you would have highly offended your boss. In which case that would totally be TMI... but you'd also potentially be out of a job.

Your version's better :-)